Natural birth boxes

Filled with organic, fair and pure products, full of love.

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Birth Boxes

Beautiful boxes with all the essentials you need. 

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Gift Boxes

Pure boxes for pregnant woman and new mom.

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Organic essentials to order separately.

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Natural Birth Boxes

Natural and loving products around birth contribute to the healthy development of baby and mother and increase the chance of a relaxed birth. The boxes from Dalalou are filled with products of natural origin, chlorine-free, biodegradable and produced in a way that is as friendly as possible for humans, animals and the earth. This way you choose the best quality for you and your baby and you leave a footprint as small as possible. Whether you give birth at the hospital, in your own cozy bed or in the forest …
After all, you don’t give birth every day!

full of love

What is inside the box?

Also available at Ekoplaza & Natuurwinkel.

“Give birth like nobody’s watching.”

– Dalalou –