Shine light

Dalalou is a decomposition of the Spanish ‘Dar a Luz’, which literally means “giving light” or giving birth. A beautiful view of what being born is and what we sometimes seem to forget in our Western society.

Ecological footprint

The ecological footprint has a lot of influence on nature: many animal and plant species are disappearing due to excessive use of natural resources by humans. When you reduce your footprint it has an impact. Dalalou is contributing by working with sustainable labels as much as possible and running the company CO2-neutral.

Full of love

The products of Dalalou are made with love. For us this means that we put together the content of our boxes with such care that it is a joy to unbox. That is how we want to contribute to a more relaxed and natural birth. At the same time we want to take care of Mother Earth.

Natural birth

Wherever and however you wish to give birth Dalalou wishes you, as a future mother, a beautiful and natural birth. When you are relaxed, you can improve your strength and the chance of a pleasant birth is higher. Dalalou would like to contribute to this by adding natural products made with love and extra gifts into the boxes. Get inspiration for a relaxed birth.


Dalalou works with companies/labels, such as Ekoplaza, Midwifes in Brussels, Vita Nova Breastfeeding Center, Wheels of Care, Jetpaq, Holistic Doula, Childbirth Centers, Doula Shanay and Elements of Birth in Berlin. An overview of our other cooperating partners can be found here. Do you also want to collaborate? Mail us.